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Interesting facts about Delhi Metro, World’s 12th-Largest Metro Network

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Some Facts About Delhi Metro

  • Delhi Metro – The heart of every Delhiite!
  • DMRC – Over 215 Trains sets running over 213 km long track covered by over 160 Stations.
  • The Deepest point of Delhi Metro is below the Rajiv Chowk metro station. A 45- meter deep tunnel was constructed for the Airport Express Link below the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station on Jahangirpuri – Huda City Centre Corridor.
  • Delhi Metro uses regenerative braking systems that save 35% electricity.
  • All the Delhi metro stations provide a unique escalators ‘sari guard‘ features on both sides to avoid a sudden accident.
  • The highest point of Delhi Metro is 23.6 meters on the pink line at Dhaula Kuan.
  • DMRC make the first extradosed bridge(cable-stayed bridge) in the country. It is between Blue Line.

Things Need to Know About Delhi Metro

  • The male announcer in Delhi Metro is Shammi Narang and the Female announcer is Rini Simon.
  • DMRC also runs an NGO Salaam Balak Trust for orphans. Its aim is to help Street Children.
  • Delhi Metro’s swift Ride Pink Line about to make Delhi Metro the world’s 12th – largest network. The launch of the Pink line has taken Delhi Metro’s network to 252km across the national capital region and the network is expected to be 360 km by 2018-end after the completion of Phase-III expansion. At Present, It is the 12th-largest Metro rail network in terms of reach. It will be the sixth-largest by the year-end if other’s reach does not change during the period.
  • In terms of fare, Delhi Metro is cheaper than those in London, New York, Tokyo and Madrid but it is more expensive than the Moscow Metro and at about the same range as those in China.
  • Highest Point – 23.6 Meters On Pink Line at Dhaula Kuan.
  • 200 trains cover a total distance of 69,000-kilometres every day. Earth circumference is 40,075 KM which means Delhi metro covers Earth 1.75 times every day.
  • Out of some 160 metro system over 54 countries. Delhi Metro is one of the 5 Metros with operational profit.
  • Delhi Metro plants 10 trees for every single tree cut during construction.
  • DMRC management style was developed by IIM Ahmedabad & Harward Business School, USA.
  • All-Metro Office receives a copy of the Bhagavad Gita which is treated as a management manual and not as a spiritual or religious text. It explains how to manage himself/herself and function efficiently in every situation.
  • Delhi’s population is approx 18 million and additional 2-4 million people of surrounding area can access Delhi Metro.

Unique Points About Delhi Metro

  • DMRC caters to travel need of over 3 million people every day.
  • Rainwater harvesting done at over 60 stations.
  • The Delhi Metro is Punctual at 99.7% of the time.
  • DMRC metro stations don’t have dustbins, yet you will find all stations clean.
  • On 4 August 2014, Delhi Metro carried maximum passengers on a single day, Over 27 million passengers took the Metro that day.
  • In 2014 the Delhi Metro created a new record. It ranked as the 2nd most popular Metro in the world. The first was New York metro, according to a global survey.
  • At some metro station in Delhi, you can get a bicycle for just Rs 10 for 4 hours. All you need is a valid id Proof.
  • The UN certified DMRC as the first metro and rail-based system that get carbon credits for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It reduces pollution levels by 6,30,000 tonnes per year.
  • DMRC has developed around 291 feeder buses on 42 routes connecting 54 Metro in Delhi. 2 Lakh people use the feeder bus service every day.

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