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How to make science fun?  CBSE Study Material for Class 10

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When the word ‘Science’ is mentioned, it tends to somehow blow your mind. Even when students are interested in learning about scientific things, it tends to get boring when we talk about it in general. The terminologies used for science may be in general fascinating for the science students, but not so exciting for other people, who may not be scientifically inclined.

Even though basic knowledge of science however is compulsory up to higher secondary, it is a common problem encountered by the teachers when in a class, not all students are really interested to learn science. Although CBSE designs the curriculum and the books in such a way that it is supposed to make science fun, through CBSE class 10 science study material that is available online, to accost science in more comprehensible manner. Here are some golden tips that should make science interesting and even funny, so that the students would develop an inclination to learn it:

Make it fizz:

Introduce the practical approach. Doing exciting chemistry demonstrations with colorful and fizzy reactions is sure to encourage the student to get interested in the class. Science experiments are fun,hands-on, and a great way to keep students engaged in learning. Even the students, who may not seem interested in learning about science, will find conducting an experiment a fun activity.

 CBSE study material for class 10

.Go beyond the typical class learning:

Make a science trip for students and allow them to think and explore. The best way to engage students and make learning fun is to physically and visually show students. If you are doing a unit on sound, then take a field trip to your local museum to view all the equipment they have for students to come and explore. There are some experiments given in CBSE study material for class 10 that are also related to field trips. Field trips allow students to connect what they are learning in class with the outside world.

Use social media to inspire the creativity:

Today in era of technology abundance, social media is biggest platform to teach science to students. When you incorporate technology into classroom instructions, students are likely to have more fun. Make groups in social media and share some science videos that encourage their creativity. Sharing music also helps in learning science.

Pay attention to student’s interests:

Take the time to ask your students about their hobbies and interests. While some interests are easier to incorporate than others, it’s important to take note of them and maximize their potential. Find a way to teach science that fits into their passion.

Having fun while you’re learning makes studying more meaningful and enjoyable. It not only helps getting students’ attention but also motivates and pleases them. An unmotivated student will not be willing to learn. Fun activities are a very good way of making children, teenagers and adults learn better. They help students relax, breakdown the so-called ‘emotional filter’ and be more focused on the subject.

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