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NCERT Books and School Exams

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Do you often find yourself in doldrums whether to study from one book or several books for the exams? Does the vast syllabus scare the wits of you?

Often the students are seen struggling to complete the syllabus as they try to study several books. Now the point is whether it is clever to have multiple books for completing your courseware, or just the one which is prescribed is more than enough?

For CBSE board we think that the NCERT books are more than enough for the lower grades. For class 10th and 12th you can refer to one  good reference book. But, please make sure that you complete and are well-versed with the NCERT textbook before you refer to any other books.

NCERT books are considered to be the bible for the exams. This holds true for not only the school and board exams but also the various competitive exams.

What is NCERT ?

NCERT is the National Council of Educational Research and Training. It was established in New Delhi on 1stSeptember, 1961 for providing academic support in improving the quality of school education in India. It is the academic adviser to the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) of the Government of India. It is concerned with all problems of school education in the country, and endeavors to improve such education through developing various programmes of research, publication, extension training. NCERT also provides technical advice to states as to how to improve the standard of state science exhibitions and their exhibits for national science exhibitions.

Aims of the NCERT:

Develops curriculum, instructional and exemplary materials, methods of teaching, techniques of evaluation, teaching aids, kits, and equipment, learning resources, etc for CBSE and is excepted across India in all the schools.

Monitoring the administration of the National Institute of Education / Regional colleges of education.

Prepare and publish study material for students and related teacher’s handbooks.

Organize pre-service and in-service training of teachers, teacher educators and other educational personnel.

Undertake aid, promote and coordinate research in all branches of education for improving school education.

Conducts and promotes educational research.

Undertake functions assigned by the Ministry of education (now HRD) for improving school education.

Act as the hub for ideas and information on all matters relating to school education and teacher education.


The NCERT Book’s content in well-tailored and written in such a way that everyone can understand it. The language is very simple and clear.  

The content is well-researched and the book is published only after doing research by the various eminent scholars in the respective subject. Each NCERT book is prepared by a team comprising of members of repute and eminence in their respective fields

The books are designed in a way that it covers each and every topic of a particular subject which is important in terms of knowledge and information. The standard question available in ncert books are often asked in competitive sometimes even verbatim.

The up-to-date nature is another feather in the cap. The latest Research and discoveries also find a place in the book and help to build a sound general knowledge.

NCERT is now available online too. All the textbooks and other study material are available online. The NCERT books for class 1 to 12 are available online. The icing on the cake is, the solutions for all the books are available online too. For example, the ncert solutions class 8 to 12 can be accessed by the students for free on various websites.

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