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Planning for Competitive Exams? Study NCERT Books

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The world has become fiercely competitive due to rising population coupled with advancement in technology and automation that is gradually making humans or rather skillsets redundant faster than you can acquire them. Therefore, when we consider the age old schooling system, the only way to categorize the students as they enter the professional world is by the way of competitive examinations.

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Most of us would agree that the competitive examinations offer an impartial way of segregating more deserving applicants without risking nepotism or other concerns. However with the rising complexity and competitiveness amongst the candidates, the preparation for such exams start from class 10 (if not earlier). One of the reasons why this industry is doing well is that many are affluent but gullible enough to not know how to separate the wheat from the chaff. They get easily convinced with advertising and justify that studying for competitive examinations is a way to enhance mental power of the students. It is believed that studying for these exams early on helps people take right decisions, time management, and building self-confidence and also inculcate a spirit of competitiveness. With such widespread propaganda and the monies that are involved, while the industry is now getting into prominence. Critics however are divided into the real advantage that this brings to the overall education system and to the nation. Nevertheless, it is there to stay and has become as essential grind for most of us to go through.

It is essential for students appearing in the competitive exams to have their concepts clear at any early stage. NCERT, an organization set up by the Government of India assists and advises on academic matters related to school education. The books published by NCERT are referred as the prescribed textbooks of various courses in government as well as the private schools in India. The content of these books encompass all the relevant concepts in a disambiguated fashion, which is easy to understand. They are not only easy to study, but also can help to save lot of time. Remarkably, these books also serve as a rich source of reference material for groundwork of various competitive examinations. Students are advised to study from these books as well as from resource material that is available.

A careful reading and understanding of the content provided in the NCERT books help students to get a good comprehension of the basic concepts. It can be followed by a thorough & detailed practice of NCERT exercises. The students may also help themselves using internet if they get stuck with problems in unsolved questions or for going deep in a concept. Using internet is always the best option as students can avail it anywhere and anytime. There are numerous websites that offer free online study material for class 10 cbse along with latest pattern of syllabus, question papers and solving techniques absolutely free of cost.

A detailed understanding of the concepts form the NCERT books followed by practicing the various questions from either books or the websites can aid a student in coping with the examinations

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