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Tips to Excel in Physics Exams

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Physics would not be a bed of roses for many. While some may find it interesting and being good in the subject comes naturally to them, for the rest getting good grades can be quite tedious and needs a lot of effort. Smart learning  with learning important basic skills and lots of practice will help the student through this. The mysterious laws that govern the universe can be best understood by learning Physics. It will be easier for a student to solve the problems and understand the theories involved in order to score a whopping percentage in exams.

We enlist some tips to help you ace the Physics examination.

Mug up the constants: Many parameters have been assigned as constants in Physics. That is, their values are invariable, whatever the circumstances may be. For example, the gravitational constant, accelerating force of gravity on earth, Avogadro’s number, Planck’s constant are some constants that a student will come across often during exams.

Acceleration due to gravity = 9.8 m/s2

Speed of light = 3 x 10 8 m/s

Avogadro’s number = 6.02×10 23 per mole

Planck’s constant = 6.63 × 10(-34) Joules-seconds

Molar gas constant = 8.32 Joules/ (mole ×Kelvin)

There are a few more important and it is recommended to memorize the value of these constants.

Memorize basic equations: Some equations are quite simple, while the rest are complicated. The equations that depict the relationships between different forces acting in nature say Newton’s Law or gravitational law can be memorized. Solving both simple and complex problems require you to have a sound knowledge of these equations. The difficult problems that we come across in Physics are often solved using the simple equations or by modifying them so that they fit it into the solutions.

Learn Mathematical skills: The foundation of solving any Physics problems is knowledge of algebra, trigonometry, and geometry. In short, to master in Physics, one needs to be an expert in the fundamentals of mathematics. Some of the topics in Math that you need to have thorough knowledge are Algebra (for solving the basic equations and to find the unknown parameter problems), trigonometry (for force diagrams, rotation problems and projectile motions), geometry (for problems dealing with area, volume etc.) and Calculus (integration and derivations to solve the advanced physical equations).

Use flash cards and flow diagrams:  Flash cards and Post-It notes come as handy tools while doing revision for exams. Paste flash cards of important formulae on your bedroom walls so that you can have a glance at them before you sleep. And, drawings and graphics is a smart way to implement in learning in order to better understand Physics. Illustrate the theories using diagrams. A visual representation leaves a lasting impact in your brain and the student would be able to recollect the information during exams.



Solve Previous Year Papers: Solving at least last 5 year papers would give you a hold of the examination. cbse previous year question paper free download is available online for access.

These simple steps can be followed in order to make the learning process less strenuous.



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