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Tips to Prevent Anxiety Caused by Mathematics

Rahul Kumar 0

The feeling of tension and anxiety that deter with the operation of numbers and the solving of mathematical problems in an extensive range of ordinary life and academic circumstances is mathematics anxiety. A person will be subjected to losing self –confidence and forgetfulness if maths anxiety takes hold of them.hated_math_1200x627

The sources of unproductive tension among students have resulted from the exam or continuous assessment pressure. The deadlines that are imposed in a traditional classroom for completing an assignment cause greater anxiety. Logical deadlines should be given to the students by the teachers rather than asking them to submit the sheet by the next day. That is, the teaching methods must be re-evaluated and examined.  There should be more emphasis on teaching method, which involves less theoretical lecture and focuses more on the practical approach to learning. The number of discussions sessions held in the classrooms between teachers and students should be increased.

In order to ensure that students must have a high level of success or a level of failure that they can tolerate the teaching methods needs to be devised in a more practical manner. The incorrect answers or responses given by students must be handled in a positive way to encourage student participation and boost the confidence of students.

As per the studies and researches that have been conducted, it shows that students learn well when they are active learners rather than passive learners. Everyone is capable of learning but the learning style is different for every individual. Lessons are presented for visual/spatial, logical/mathematics, musical, body/kinesthetic, interpersonal and intrapersonal and verbal/linguistic. For example, to teach a new concept, play acting, cooperative groups, visual aids, hands-on activities and technology can be adapted. The students these days are curious learners and they like to cross-question their teachers. They are more experimental with different techniques, rather than following the traditional methods. Hence, teachers also should be experimental.

The lessons and the course structure should be such that they are relevant to their practical lives. Students need practical math and not rote learning. Students must be engaged in conjecturing, exploring and thinking that will inculcate in them analytical thinking and logical reasoning. These learning methods should be started when they are in the lower classes, instead of waiting for them to get into senior secondary school or colleges. cbse maths class 8in India must revise the course structure and implement more of a practical approach to learning.

Good counts of adults are hindered from growing in their professional field because they cannot perform well in mathematics. Every job requires you to think creatively and analytically, and the seed to a logical and rational reasoning is sown through mathematics.

Math anxiety is very real and occurs among thousands of adults and students equally. So, in order to reduce the anxiety, the subject must be taken lightly and looked upon in a positive light. The state of mind strongly influences a person’s accomplishments or success. Students can be encouraged to play games bases on maths concepts like cards, life, Yahtzee, battleship, and tangrams.

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