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Tips and Tricks to Learn Maths

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Mathematics is undoubtedly an important subject. It is critical for students to get the concepts right from the beginning since the subject builds on what is learnt in lower classes. If the concepts are unclear, building on them becomes even more difficult and gradually becomes overwhelming.

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How does one change this then and make Math for kids actually fun? A student has to be encouraged into liking a subject, since if you like something, spending time on it does not seem a herculean task. Let’s say that we need to do a square of 100, most of us would not have a problem in answering that one. However, if the question is a square of 96, most of us would be tying ourselves up in knots. Needless to say, it is but a simple multiplication that we learn in the lower classes and we can always write it out to solve it. But if you have to give the answer in a few seconds, then very few would be to answer it correctly. So lets look for some tricks that help us do some quick math. You can explore other options on the Internet and discover some more if you like. One good place to look would be the Study material for class 8 CBSE math which may provide some quick calculating tips.

Imagine how easy and interesting math would be if you were able to do any calculation in a matter of seconds and solve math questions in no time. Not only your friends, classmates and teachers will be in awe and impressed with you, but you yourself would be proud of your own new-found mathematical abilities.

Check out these few tricks below. How many more can you find?

1. Multiplying an even number with 5: when multiplying the number 5 by an even number, there is a quick way to find the answer.

Let’s take an example, 5 x 1224 =?

Step 1: take the number being multiplied by 5 and halve it. If you apply this in the example above, the number 1224 becomes 612.

Step 2: Put a zero as a suffix to the number to find the answer. In this case, the answer is 6120. Now, wasn’t that simple!

2)Multiplying any two digit number by 11:

Let’s take a two-digit number, 35. We want to calculate 35 x 11.

Take the number and put a space between the digits. In this example, that number is 35 3_5 now add those numbers together and put the result in center:


That’s it! Your answer is 385. Or 35 x 11 = 385


3) Square of numbers between 90 and 99:

For example, let’s try 99 x 99

1.First, subtract the number from the nearest hundred number (100-99) = 1

2. Now subtract this number from 99 such that (99-1) = 98

3. Now suffix the square of subtracted number to above result.

4. The answer, in this case, is 9801

Now, let’s try with a different number: 95

Step 1: 100 – 95 = 5

Step 2: Subtract this from 95 i.e. 95-5 = 90

Step 3: Suffix the square of 5 to 90.

And the answer is 9025

So you see, if you have an ace up your sleeve, dealing with mathematics becomes a breeze.

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