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Tomorrow’s Victory is Today’s Practice

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Tomorrow’s Victory is today’s practice. This should be your motto for the board exams. The time is so less and there is a heap of the syllabus to cover. Board exams are not an easy exam and one requires a properly planned preparation to fare well in this. This is where the previous year papers can come to your rescue.

Board examinations have a great significance in a student’s education as the marks scored is often set as the benchmark for getting into renowned institutions, availing scholarships or selection of different streams. For any student appearing for the board examination, solving at least previous five-year papers is recommended.

Previous years papers give an idea about the changing trends, if any, of the syllabus. For example, in recent years more practical based and questions on current affairs have been included in the papers. Thus question papers from the past few years are necessary for you to decide as to which areas need special focus. Previous years papers are also important from the revision point of view. Solving these papers give the students some sort of self-assessment about their speed and time management. The more previous year's questions you solve, the lesser will be the chances of your failure. By calculating their actual speed, students can improve their time management skills and perform well on the D-day as they will be able to devote time to each question calculatedly. The exam will not be a riddle to you neither you will have the sudden adrenaline rush on seeing the paper. It will also propel you ahead and you will have an edge over others.

According to the trends, solving previous years exam papers gives you confidence and enhances your examination temperament. Solving more and more questions in a stipulated time frame is a must to do in order to get the real feeling. This will create a sense of self-assurance. Based on the topics that are common in last few years question papers, students will be able to predict the trending topics that will be covered in the examination. The cliché ‘Practice Makes Man Perfect’ holds true when it comes board exams. Moreover, some questions do get repeated so who know you might get lucky and get one of the questions from the practiced papers.

However, it should be remembered that previous years papers don’t mean the question papers of last 10-20 years. Take the latest papers only since the syllabus and format of the examination keep changing, otherwise, you will end up wasting too much time on it.

Previous Year Question Papers are imperative to ace your exams. Solving the last year papers get you acquainted with the examination pattern and you know what to expect on the D-day.


Rahul Kumar

Rahul Kumar is a member of Zigya's Science channel and oversees Chemistry as a subject. He has completed his Masters of Science in Chemistry from Punjab University. Rahul is always full of ideas and brings with him, the enthusiasm and charm to get people involved in them. Follow his work at

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