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Top-the-class-with-confidence-and-90-marks: Free solutions for NCERT books

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Forget exams, a class quiz generates anxieties among students. Needless to say, sometimes even the brightest of students finds exams terrifying. It is a dream to get rid of those three fretful hours. Wearing confidence on your sleeves and keeping anxieties at bay, one will be able to take the examination stress with ease.

free solutions for NCERT books

Here are some tips to boost up your confidence during the exam times and how to score 90 plus marks for exams:

1.Stay positive: Having a positive attitude during the turmoil is one of the secrets to come out with flying colors in the exam. Attitude is of prime importance as it reflects our personality as well as confidence. Staying positive will open up the door of success and make you feel self- confident. Soothing music, yoga, strolling, meditation etc. are some of the factors that will help you to de-stressyourself and stay positive.

2.Stick with your syllabus books: No heavy weighted books can defeat the oft-underestimated syllabus books. For students of the CBSE board, you must stick to your prescribed NCERT textbooks and likewise for other boards. On interviewing the best scorers across the nation, we find that they always stick to their syllabus textbooks. The foundation should be crystal clear and the recommended books are the syllabus textbooks. In this era of digital revolution, there are also various sites providing free solutions for NCERT booksOnce you are done with the syllabus books, opt for other refreshers that might help you by getting you to practice questions.

3.Planned preparation: A well-structured study layout works the best rather than a messy disorganized study plan. Everyone must make a schedule for studies, followed by strict implementation of it. Make the schedule with days and hours for a particular subject. A schedule should not be too stringent and must let you take time to breathe. Give yourself regular breaks in your study plan.

4.Solving the magical papers: The official CBSE, ICSE or state board sample papers should be solved in the 3-hour framework. Solving these papers will not only let you keep a tab on the time but also, help one introspect where you stand. Once you are done with solving the papers, mark yourselves, considering step marking also.

5.To do on night before the exam: The night before the exam is as crucial as scoring good in the exams. The performance in your exams is pretty much dependent on your previous night’s sleep. Sleep as soon as possible and do not try to shake your circadian clock one night before the exam. The brain needs rest to be fresh and for a good memory power.

Do not try to cram a night before the exam what you have not studied. Rather, just revise on those topics that you are not so confident about.

Getting a ninety plus in your boards may not be a cakewalk, but following these simple steps mentioned above will ensure that you achieve your target and come out with flying colours.

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