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How to do well in Mathematics Board Exams

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All of us have our own experiences of examinations. It brings back to the mind several anecdotes, both pleasant and some not so pleasant. Exams time is a very crucial time for all students. Preparation of Exams is not a one-step success. It is like making a home by ensuring the importance of all small things.

CBSE Math Study Material for Class 12

All subjects are important and need to be studied well to secure good academic scores. Students must give equal time to all subjects to score well in the exams. But sometimes, subject like mathematics becomes very difficult for some students during board exams. More so because the topics are inter-linked and what one studies in lower classes are used lifelong in mathematics unlike other literature or descriptive subjects. As we move up the classes, clarity and practice of earlier taught topics become essential to perform well in the current academic session.

So here are some blue chip pointers that help you to do well in mathematics exams:

1. Good Study Habits:

Keep up with your work. If you attend class regularly, keep up with readings and take notes conscientiously, studying can be a relatively pain-free process. Make sure to review and expand upon class notes regularly throughout the semester. Consider developing a glossary or collection of note cards for vocabulary review in every class. Many students find that preparing for an individual topic or chapter for 60-90 minutes per day, five or six days per week, will leave them well-prepared at exam time.

2. Don’t cram at the last second:

Building on our earlier point, try studying for 60-90 minutes per day for a week leading up to an exam. All-night or last day-long sessions simply do not work for most people, and students experience results/benefits in tune with the efforts put in by them.

3.Solve practice paper:

Complete a mock test. There is enough CBSE Math Study Material for Class 12 textbook available containing hundreds of questions at the end of chapters that never get answered. Why not set aside an hour and try to answer these questions on paper without using your notes? If you complete a mock test 3-4 days before an exam you’ll then know where to focus your studying. You may also combat pre-test jitters by showcasing or proving to yourself what you know.

4. Take help of your teacher:

If you have unresolved/unanswered questions, visit your professor or tutor at least three days before the exam. If you’ve given yourself a mock test in advance, you’ll be able to go to list down the specific questions, topics, solutions to be discussed with your teacher.

5.Study in group:

Find a group of dedicated students with whom to study. A group study session is an ideal time to review and compare notes, ask each other questions, explain ideas to one another, discuss the upcoming exam and difficult concepts, and, when appropriate, delegate study tasks. Do set an agenda and a specific time frame for your group study session, so that your work together doesn’t veer off-topic.

6.Review notes:

Review your class notes every day. Add keywords, summaries, idea maps, graphs, charts, discussion points, and questions where applicable. Take the time to organize lecture notes after class, adding key examples from math labs and course readings.

7.Sleep well:

Make sure to get plenty of sleep. Sleeping hours are often the time when we completely synthesize information, especially topics we’ve covered in a couple of hours before bedtime. You want to be as fresh as possible and able to fully engage your energy and memory when you take the exam. Also, don’t stop exercising or taking time for yourself, even in final exam time.

You must remember what Swami Vivekananda said, ” ‘Have faith in yourself first’, that’s the way. Have faith in yourself – all power is in you – be conscious and bring it out.Say, ‘I can do everything.’ ‘Even the poison of a snake is powerless if you can firmly deny it.” Rise above any iota of negativity or self-doubt.

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