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Top 10 tips to study Class 10 social science

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According to Merriam Webster dictionary, social science is a branch of science that deals with the institutions and functioning of human society and with the interpersonal relationships of individuals as members of society. The Oxford Dictionary defines social science, as the scientific study of human society and social relationships. It therefore is a subject that rightfully finds place in the curriculum of students who would grow to be the future leaders and decision makers for the country.

CBSE class 10 social science study material

Social science is compulsory subject up to class 10 in every Indian school. This gets branched in into History, Political Science, Economics and Geography in senior secondary level. It is referred so due to application of science in society. There is a tendency for students to generally detest social science as a subject because of its theoretical nature. Sometimes it also seems absurd to read abou people and events that happened so long back that in our mind there is no relevance. With the availability of books and resource material like the CBSE class 10 social science study material, studying social sciences now is less daunting. The traditional method of flipping through pages of books seem a very tiresome activity for the students, as they are usually unable to pin point the accurate answer from the book. But with the advent of Internet, there has been a paradigm shift in learning with the entire mechanism to study shifting online. This facilitates providing equal opportunities for students even from the under privileged sections of the society. Online study material today threatens to replace the traditional books and notes.

Following the tips below for studying class 10 social science would make the subject interesting and fun.

  • Maps – This is vital part of Geography, as this helps locate any item precisely. There are innumerable site, which provides maps, but one has to be care full in scaling the maps.
  • Dates – History is flooded with dates and one has to know the event chronologically, therefore it is advised as note down the dates.
  • Political Parties – Every student interested in political scenario has to know which political parties are holding power in which state of the country.
  • Laws – Every year numerous laws are passed in Parliament, which has got implication both on economic and political scenario of the country.
  • Polity – One has to remain aware of all the government machinery prevalent in the country.
  • Ministry- In the country, the government has divided the governance among various ministries. Each being headed by a particular minister.
  • National Parks and Sanctuary – There are large number of parks and sanctuary in every corner of the country. This acts as habitat to various wild life, someone of this is even UNESCO recognised world Heritage site.
  • Historical Monuments – Our country is blessed with various historical monuments, example being Taj Mahal, Red Fort and etc. Each of this was built by Muslim rulers and had led dynasty of them.
  • Economic policy – A strong economy is necessary for a country. This has got various clauses which should be known to everyone. The repo rate, rate of interest, deposits rate etc.
  • Climate – India is, endowed with different climate because of its location. One has to be well acquainted with the climatic zone of the country.

From a career perspective, there are substantial opportunities that present it for a student of social sciences, as they can opt for various discipline and career. With the globalization, numerous multinational universities have started courses in social science too.


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