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One month to go for the final 2018 CBSE board exam. The exam pattern for CBSE Sociology will be the same as previous. The overall Sociology CBSE board exam contains 100 marks and the papers will be conducted in two-phase

  1. I) Sociology Practical Exam
  2. II) Theory Board Exam

The practical exam will have 20 marks weightage and the theoretical exam will be having 80 marks weightage.

The Evaluation Scheme of the practical exam given below:

Practical Examination                                                                                                 40 Periods

Max. Marks: 20                                                                                                                   Time allotted : 3 Hrs
Unitwise Weightage  
A. Project (undertaken during the academic year at school level)

i. Statement of the purpose

ii. Methodology / Technique

iii. Conclusion

10 marks
B. Viva – based on the project work 02 marks
C. Research design

i. Overall format

ii Research Question/Hypothesis

iii. Choice of technique

iv. Detailed procedure for implementation of technique

v. Limitations of the above technique

B & C to be administered on the day of the external examination

08 marks
  Total 20 Marks


Students can also check the solved 2017 Sociology board papers for both region Delhi and ALL INDIA

The marks weightage of each chapter is given below:

Allocation of Unit wise marks CBSE board exam Sociology class 12

Units Periods Marks
A. Indian Society
1. Introducing Indian Society 6 Non-evaluative
2. The Demographic Structure of Indian Society 10 6
3. Social Institutions-Continuity and Change 12 6
4. Market as a Social Institution 10 6
5. Patterns of Social Inequality and Exclusion 20 6
6. Challenges of Cultural Diversity 20 8
7. Suggestions for Project Work 16 Non-evaluative
Total 32
B. Change and Development in Indian Society
8. Structural Change 10 6
9. Cultural Change 12 6
10. The Story of Indian Democracy 16 6
11. Change and Development in Rural Society 10 6
12. Change and Development in Industrial Society 14 6
13. Globalization and Social Change 10 6
14. Mass Media and Communications 14 6
15. Social Movements 20 6
Total 48
200 80

The CBSE 2018 Class 12 Date sheet released and the final exam will be starts on 5 March.

The 2018 CBSE practical exam may be started from 20 Feb. and theory exam will be from 1 week of March.

Now it is the right time to revised or start for the preparation of CBSE Board Exam 2018. Students those are looking for practice paper can download latest sample paper set by CBSE board committee for Here.

Students can prepare the exam according to the chapters weightage and can score highest marks.

Check the latest Sociology CBSE solved Sample papers for the preparation of 2018 CBSE board exam.

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