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Useful links for the preparation of JEE Main 2018

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As per the CBSE notification, the JEE Main 2018 exam will be held on 08 April on Sunday. Students those are doing preparation of the JEE Main 2018 can get free online study material for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

Our purpose is to share the quality link to encourage the students to become an active learner. The more they use to apply the online study concepts, the better learners they will become. This will also help in their vision and understand the core concept of each and every subject topic.

The JEE Main study materials are prepared by the highly experienced teacher and tutors to ensure the quality content provided to students. It will support aspirant in their preparation to take up these subjects.

The study material is interactive and has a large number of related problems in each section to helps you to grasp concepts better as also to prepare you well.

Useful study material links for Physics -JEE Mains

For Physics you need strong foundation on these chapters

1) Semiconductor Electronics: Materials Devices and Simple Circuits

2) Oscillations

3) Electrostatic Potential & Capacitance

4) Current Electricity

5) Motion in a Plane

6) Moving Charges & Magnetism 

7) Laws of Motion

8) System of Particle & Rotational Motion

9) Thermal properties of Matter

10) Thermodynamics

Useful study material links for Chemistry- JEE Mains

The chapters that need focus are as follows:

a) Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

b) Alcohol, Phenol and Ethers

c) Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids

d) Solutions

e) Electrochemistry

f) Chemical kinetics

g) Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

h) Thermodynamics

I) Equilibrium

j) Coordination Compounds

Useful study material links for Mathematics – JEE Mains

These are the top 10 chapters that need attention and practice are

1) Relation and Functions

2) Vector Algebra

3) Straight Lines

4) Three Dimensional Geometry

5) Conic Section

6) Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations

7) Continuity and Differentiability

8) Integrals

9) Application of Integrals

10) Sequence and Series

By working through the materials, students can easily master relevant concepts and thereby approach their JEE Main 2018 exam with confidence and enthusiasm.

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